quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Cueva del Gato

The entrance of this cave can be seen from the railway as it heads north from the station two kilometres away. It's called the cave of the cat as its entrance is said to look like a cat's head. Perhaps it does, though I failed to see it.

This cave is the terminus of an underground river that rises four kilometres away as the Rio Guaduares, which takes an underground route from the other side of Montejaque, from the Cueva de Hundidero ('fallen'), only recommended to skilled potholers. Famed for its potholing experience, it has been the scene of many deaths as rising waters trapped the unprepared.

However, for the curious, El Gato is a pleasant walk to an impressive limestone cave entrance. The water is cristal clear and it's a wonderful place to spend the afternoon in summer time.

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