terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

Jambiani - Zanzibar

Jambiani is one of the most beautiful villages I’ve ever seen. This village of palm hut roofs relies entirely on the white sandy beach. The coconut trees generously offer its shadow over the whole village, there are no roads or even dirt, just sand. There is no electricity or running water, television or telephone. Only the lodges or guest houses hold this comfort.

Trade is carried out directly on the beach, where everything can be offered, from fried cakes to Masai crafts, shells coming directly from the reef, pareos and scarves, Henna tattoos, or even dinner booking at any fisherman house.

We did not resist one of them, Captain Cook, who prepared us a dinner of lobster, rice and spinach (that looked like seaweed from the beach), we were served at a fine sandy courtyard covered with palm leaves, while the dog played with crabs under our table. It was an amazing evening! :)

The whole village survives from lobster fishing  and fish for their own consumption, and from the seaweed harvesting  greatly appreciated by the Japanese. Given the nature of the reef, which is close to a mile from shore, wave action during tidal leaves thousands of seaweed trapped in ingenious frames driven into the sand. Once harvested, the seaweed are sun-dried and exported to Japan.


 Algae culture are caught daily at low tide

Small fish caught by women, who cast the nets at low tide

The coconuts are cut and frayed so braided rope can be made.

Rides in "Dhow boats", local fishing boats for snorkeling near the reef or simply watch the sunset are also a source of income for the entire village.

The preferred transport of the entire population is the bike used only on the beach where the sand is harder and also where are the signs showing directions. Not only do people use the beach as a road. Cows, goats and other animals also roam the beach up and down all day long.

Diving from a boat in the clear, blue ocean of Zanzibar is one of the most exhilarating experiences to be had on a holiday in this part of East Africa. The visibility is usually very good, the water warm and the marine life diverse and innumerable.

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  1. It is really nice there Carla.....and you have made so much wonderful pictures...... i love this post !!!

    Warm greetings from Holland, Joop

  2. Dan ganas de salir corriendo para allí, impresionantes tus fotografías, ese agua y esa arena tan blanca, también el contraste de colores, la ropa, el cielo, esas nubes y sus gentes. Me quedo con la de la bicicleta, tiene que ser algo impresionante recorrer en bicicleta esas playas.... por un momento he estado allí en Jambiani, gracias a ti. Un fuerte abrazo mi querida amiga.

  3. Precioso reportaje. Un lugar de ensueño y unas fotos que no dejan lugar a la duda. En ese lugar se tiene que vivir tranquilo y a gusto.
    Un abrazo

  4. Muito boa esta foto-reportagem, sempre com grandes fotos. Bjs

  5. Looks wonderfully undeveloped and carefree yet open to visitors in moderation. Delightful images.

  6. Bem..... mas que lugar maravilhoso e me fascina ao ver as tuas fantásticas fotos!!!! Divinal, obrigado por esta partilha!
    Seria um sonho ir um dia ai!

  7. That looks wonderful, beach is brilliant also, cheers Carla.

  8. Such beautiful images, lovely color and light! It looks like a paradise :^) Hope you had lots of fun!