quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

My tribute ...

....  on this International Woman’s Day 2012 is not probably to you, and definitely not to me.

 It’s meant to the millions of women throughout the world  that, in the XXI Century, still live in conditions of abject deprivation of, and attacks against their fundamental human rights for no other reason rather than being a woman.

It's important to celebrate Women's Day because it brings focus to the issues we need to look at closely but often do not. When we look at gender indexes around the world we find that for all the strides women have made, there is an enormous amount of ground that needs to be covered. In developing countries and especially in the subcontinent, women suffer from lack of access to equal opportunity in education, health, and employment .

 When we celebrate International Women's Day we salute those who have struggled to pull women out of the abyss of a patriarchal society. But it also must become a solemn moment for introspection; and an opportunity to provide the freedom that women deserve and need.

 I look forward to a world in which women in general are treated as human beings rather than animals, have equal rights and opportunities as men, regardless of race, religion or color.

 On International Women's Day I salute my mother for the values which she imbibed  me. She taught me by example that men and women are equal.

 But I am lucky.
I was born in a free society.
Not every women are that lucky.

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  1. Wonderful picture and flower.

    greetings, Joop

  2. Hello,
    Wonderful shot of this amazing colored flower.
    Nice story, we must be happy to live in a free land.

    Much greetings, Marco

  3. ¡Enhorabuena a tu madre por inculcarte esos valores y a ti por haberlos sabido integrar! Un abrazo enorme, hoy y siempre, Sweet! Índigo

  4. Que foto linda. bjito e um feliz novo dia