segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Kuang Si Falls

From the entry of Kuang Si Park we can walk through a forested area where there are enclosures housing Asian black bears rescued from poachers.
At the very bottom of the falls there are several blue pools of water and small cascades (3-5 metres high); some of the falls are multi-tiered. Most of the pools are open for swimming (one is closed as being a sacred site) though the water is a bit cold because this area is shaded by big trees. This makes the falls a popular cool-off place among locals and tourists alike during the hot season.
Kuang Si Falls - Luang Prabang - Laos

There are also trails to climb to the top of the falls where there are more natural pools for swimming. The trails are steep and can be extremely slippery, especially in rainy season…

 If you climb up to the top at the left hand side (of the entrance) trails you’ll arrive at a huge and very impressive pool and its source. At the top you actually cross the top of the falls and this is a great place to get a good view down.
End of the trail... from here up is through the water..

... to get to the top!

With a tripod and lots of time and pacience, beautiful images could be taken from here.

But we were here to climb the falls  and so we did, straight to the top. The cameras had to be stored inside the bags and I was really  scared a couple of times during the process but it was well worth the effort,  after all.

The view ....

... and the shower! :)

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  1. Creo que no hay muchas palabras para describir esto: ¡¡¡ QUE PASADAAAAA!!! que lugar tan precioso, es muy bello. Un enorme saludo y buena semana.

  2. Fizeste uma bela reportagem.
    E as fotos são excelentes.
    Gostei muito de todas elas.
    Carla, querida amiga, tem uma boa semana.

  3. What a nice bear, and the waterfalls, superb.

  4. Que grande lugar, aqui tão bem registado. Grande fotos.

  5. La belleza que ven tus ojos no tiene igual. Un abrazo, enorme, Sweet.

  6. Que lugar tão fantásticoooooo. Lindo, lindo. bjos

  7. Marvelous place...
    I would like to get a shower there !
    Best egards from Paris,


  8. What an amazing place! Very beautiful and unusual. It must have been a wonderful experience. You took some amazing photos!
    Enjoying your blog music.....